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Tiramisu Cheesecake
Total time
170 min
$ $ $


Killer combination of tiramisu and cheesecake, hands down a must try!


Serves 5


Step 1
Begin by blending together graham crackers and six lady fingers until they are all crushed together.
Step 2
Then transfer into a large mixing bowl and add in sugar, coffee, cocoa powder and melted butter. Stir well to create a crust. This is the base of your cheesecake. Transfer into a cheesecake tin and press down gently. Then, bake at 350F for ten minutes and leave to cool.
Step 3
At this point, brew your coffee.
Step 4
In an electric mixer bowl, combine your cream cheese, mascarpone and sugar. Begin to mix on a steady speed, slowly add in one egg at a time, your vanilla extract and then your brewed coffee. Finally, crush your remaining six lady fingers and add them in too.
Step 5
Cover the edges of your cheesecake tin in tinfoil. Put the tin into an oven safe dish and fill with water creating a bath. Then pour the mixture onto your biscuit base. Bake in the oven for one hour at 325F. Leave in the oven with no heat for a further hour.
Step 6
Remove from the water bath and discard the tin foil. Loosen the cheesecake from the edges of the tin and set aside in the fridge overnight.
Step 7
The following day, mix heavy cream, sugar and vanilla extract together in an electric mixer to create whipped cream. Top this over your cheesecake and finish by dusting with cocoa powder.
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