The Hash Brown
1h 10m
“After many experiments, this is what I found to be the easiest way of making an amazing hash brown.”
— Ara


Serves 1


Step 1

Peel your potato, then grate it into a bowl. Rinse your grated potato in cold water to remove excess starch

Step 2

Place your washed potato onto a cheesecloth and squeeze tightly to drain all the excess water. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour if you can, to dry the potato out completely

Step 3

Drizzle some oil into a pan and place it on the hob over medium heat. Fry your grated potato for approximately 5 minutes. Transfer it back to the bowl then add the onion and garlic powders, salt, pepper, parmesan, and the potato starch. Use your hands to knead the mix and combine everything then shape it into a hash brown. Place a pot with oil onto the stove to heat up so you can fry the hash brown

Step 4

Once your oil is bubbling, fry your hash brown until golden brown on both sides. Remove and add any toppings you like and enjoy!
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