Tex Mex Panko Burrito
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“This vegetarian burrito with a twist is what our lives have been missing, give it a go here and never look back”
— Mr Grubworks


Serves 1


Step 1

Fry the Vivera Tex Mex Strips until browned. In the meantime, chop the peppers and onion

Step 2

Add cumin, paprika and salt to the pan, then the chopped peppers and onion and minced garlic

Step 3

Add chipotle adobo sauce and mix well, then set aside

Step 4

Spread refried beans onto the tortilla wrap and top with rice, the Tex Mex strips, guacamole, coriander, fresh onion, pickled jalapeños and cheese, then roll tight

Step 5

Heat a griddle pan and seal the seam side of the burrito and toast the rest of the wrap. Coat the burrito in flour, egg and panko breadcrumbs, then deep fry until golden and crispy. Serve and enjoy!
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