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Stuffed Plablano Pepper
Total time
40 min
$ $ $


Bet you haven't tried stuffed peppers this way...


Serves 3


Step 1
Start by boiling your chicken along with your onion, garlic and 2 serrano peppers.
Step 2
Wash your peppers and place onto a lightly greased skillet on a very high heat. Begin to blister your peppers turning them over every minute.
Step 3
Then begin to cook your rice using the water from your boiled chicken, Add in an extra tbsp of cumin to give the rice more flavour. Allow to cook whilst getting on with the rest of the recipe.
Step 4
Shred your chicken, chop then add the serrano peppers and remaining cumin, salt and pepper to flavour. Mix together then add one block of cream cheese. Mix and combine well.
Step 5
Now, chop one side of the plablano's off. This will help us to stuff them. Using what is cut away, chop and add into the chicken mixture, mix well. Remove any seeds or stalks from the pepper and then stuff generously with the chicken mixture.
Step 6
Once stuffed, place on a tray ready for the oven. Then top with a handful of smoked gouda and bake at 375F for thirty minutes. Serve with rice and enjoy!
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