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Steak & Mushroom Sauce
Total time
30 min
$ $ $


This creamy mushroom sauce will take your steak to the next level!


Serves 1


Step 1
Salt both sides of your steak, then place it in a pan, on medium - high heat, with a few cubes of butter, 2 of the garlic cloves and some fresh thyme. Cook to your preference then set aside for later
Step 2
Break the ends off your asparagus, then lightly brown in the same pan you just used to cook your steak
Step 3
In another pan, add a drizzle of oil, then finely dice your onion and add it to the pan, on medium-high heat, along with the dried thyme, rosemary, and smoked paprika. Allow the onions to cook down then finely chop the other two garlic cloves and add those to the pan
Step 4
Next, slice your mushrooms and add those to the pan with your onions, along with the single cream. Mix everything through to combine, then chop up some fresh parsley to sprinkle on top
Step 5
Now, you're ready to plate up. Slice your steak into strips and set it on your plate. Plate up your asparagus alongside it, then drizzle your steak in your delicious creamy mushroom sauce
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