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Spicy Teriyaki Chicken
Total time
30 min
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Delicious chicken teriyaki served with rice

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Serves 4


Step 1
Slice the chicken breasts
Step 2
Place the chicken breasts in a bowl and add lemon juice. Give them a wash then drain off the excess
Step 3
Season the chicken with black pepper, MSG, finely chopped chilli, chopped spring onions and garlic and ginger paste. Rub the chicken well then place in the fridge for 1-2 hours
Step 4
In a jug combine soy sauce, mirin, sweet soy and honey
Step 5
Pour the sauce over the chicken. Add sliced garlic to the chicken. Let the chicken marinate for 20 minutes
Step 6
In a heated pan add oil and cook the chicken until golden brown. Cook in batches and remove the chicken from the pan
Step 7
To the same pan add the marinade and reduce till nice and thick. Turn the heat off and add the chicken. Stir everything together and serve with rice
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