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Shiso Kimchi
Total time
25 min
$ $ $


These kimchi shiso leaves pack a punch and taste amazing. Note you need 2 days for them to ferment! Great with some galbi!


Serves 10


Step 1
Was your shiso leaves, and lay each leaf flat between two tea towels to remove water
Step 2
Slice the end off of your chilli, remove the seeds and dice it. Slice up your spring onions including the greens ends! Dice your onion and garlic
Step 3
Add your chilli powder, soy sauce, fish sauce, plum extract and corn syrup into a mixing bowl with your vegetables. Add your water and mix everything together
Step 4
Wearing a pair of gloves (this stuff stains!), add one leaf to the mixture, press down firmly, flip, press again. Layer each leaf into a Tupperware once coated and then add a handful of the mixture on top, covering the top leaf. Place the lid on, and leave in the fridge for 2 days
Step 5
Enjoy your shiso kimchi leaves. Recommend you serve them wrapping around a slice of galbi (Korean beef short ribs)
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