Rhubarb Roll
“Consider this a sweet, veggie sausage roll. Or alternatively, think of it as a rhubarb roll.”
— The Caketoonist


Serves 4


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 175. Cut the ends off the rhubarb then slits all the way along so that it lies flat

Step 2

Roll out your marzipan with some icing sugar (so it doesn't stick) to the length of the rhubarb and 3 times the width

Step 3

Brush with the sweet syrup, then sprinkle over an optional sprinkle of sugar. Roll up the rhubarb in the marzipan, and press closed with some of the syrup

Step 4

Cut your pastry to the length of the rhubarb, then roll up the log in pastry, brushing with syrup and trimming off the excess.

Step 5

Cut slits in the top, then bake on a well lined tray for 30 minutes. Leave to cool for 5 minutes before enjoying warm with some cream/ice cream
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