Miso butter avocado toast with confit egg yolks
“When I think jammy yolks, I think ramen… or avocado toast 😅 so here’s my mashup of the two flavor profiles. Sweet nutty miso butter with toasty sesame oil. Grilled bread. Creamy avocado. Those perfect jammy yolks cooked slow in avocado oil. With crisp fresh snap peas to finish. I drizzled over a little traderjoes chili onion crunch for some heat.”
— Shelby Khan


Serves 1


Step 1

Fill half a ramekin with oil. Warm oil in a 200C oven and add the egg yolks. Place the ramekin back in the oven for 15-20 minutes depending on how runny you want your eggs.

Step 2

Mix butter, miso paste and sesame oil. Spread onto both sides of the bread. Toast bread in a pan. Once toasted, spread another layer of the miso butter. Slice an avocado and mash with a fork on top of the bread

Step 3

Place the confit eggs on top of the avocado. Garnish with chopped snap peas, salt, chilli oil and sesame seeds
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