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Lacto Fermented Pickles
Total time
115 min
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This method of fermenting is really simple and makes for delicious food. The health benefits that you can get from lacto-fermentation also outweigh the benefits for food that hasn't been fermented, so it does way more than just preserve!


Serves 4


Step 1
Slice the tops and bottoms off of the cucumbers and place into a jar on a scale (be sure to weigh the cucumbers and not the jar)
Step 2
Add water to cover the cucumbers, weighing as you do so
Step 3
Pour the water into a bowl or cup and mix with approx. 18g salt or 2% of the weight of the cucumbers and water
Step 4
Pour the brine back into the jar and top with a small weight to keep the cucumbers submerged. Seal the jar and leave at room temperature for a week, serve and enjoy
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