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Elderflower Cordial
Total time
135 min
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Elderflowers grow bleeding everywhere and are best enjoyed cordial-ed

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Serves 4


Step 1
Pick your elderflower heads, making sure they smell fragrant and are unblemished. When you get them home, check you haven't brought any insects with you, but do not rinse them! It's the pollen that tastes delicious
Step 2
Get 2 litres of water boiling, and meanwhile finely slice up the ginger and peel the limes, trimming off any excess pith, as it will taste better
Step 3
Once the water is boiled, add the elderflower heads, ginger and lime zest. Submerge under the water, then cover and leave over night
Step 4
The next day, strain off the solid through a sieve or some muslin to leave a clear liquid
Step 5
Add sugar and the juice of the limes to the strained liquid, and set on a simmer till the sugar is completely dissolved. Leave to cool slightly, then ladle into bottles
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