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Egg Rolls
Total time
40 min
$ $ $


These egg rolls are the guilty American-Chinese pleasure that we all have, the perfect greasy food to go on the side of any Chinese dish, however authentic it is


Serves 4


Step 1
Finely chop the celery and cabbage into thin strips and peel and chop the carrot the same way
Step 2
Blanch the vegetables before putting in an ice bath
Step 3
Boil the shrimp until pink
Step 4
Heat oil in a pan and fry the pork until browned. Add the wine and oyster sauce and toss
Step 5
Place the veg, prawns and pork in an egg roll wrapper, wet the edges and roll up
Step 6
Fry at a low temperature, set aside and then fry at a high temperature until golden brown and set aside to cool slightly
Step 7
Mix apricot jam, applesauce, umeboshi, sugar and rice vinegar well and drizzle over the egg rolls. Serve and enjoy!
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