Chilli Oil Noodles
1h 20m
“These noodles are amazing! You can also use egg noodles or anything else you like!”
— Poss' Pantry


Serves 2


Step 1

Heat your oil over low to medium heat. Add the star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns, and garlic cloves and let this simmer for 15 minutes

Step 2

In a blender, blitz your chilli flakes until they're quite fine but some of the seeds are still intact. Add the chilli flakes to a glass jar along with the salt, chicken stock powder, dried chillies and minced garlic

Step 3

Strain your oil with a fine strainer, into a heatproof bowl or jug. Then, while the oil is still hot, pour it onto your chilli mix. It will bubble up when you do this, so allow plenty of space so there's no overflow!

Step 4

Top with the soy sauce and fish sauce and let it cool to room temperature

Step 5

While your oil mix is cooling, prepare your chosen noodles as per the packet instructions. When they are ready, add them to a pan, with just enough of your chilli oil to coat the noodles and fry them for a few minutes. At this stage, you can also fry your eggs and cut some spring onion to use as garnish

Step 6

Place the noodles into bowls, then top them with a fried egg, some kewpie mayo, some more chilli oil, a few spring onions and a little coriander - enjoy!
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