Chicken Club Crunchwrap
In collaboration with
“Try this #twisted club sandwich, here made with Vivera into a banging crunchwrap”
— Philip


Serves 1


Step 1

Take a small bowl and use it to make a smaller wrap out of one of the large ones

Step 2

Chop up the Vivera Plant Chicken Breast Style into bite-sized pieces then fry off with the Vivera Plant Bacon until golden

Step 3

Assemble the wrap: spread a tablespoon of mayo on the large wrap then top in order with cheese, the Plant chicken and bacon, tortilla chips, tomato, lettuce and the smaller wrap

Step 4

Fold in the edges of the larger wrap over the smaller one until enclose, and use a plate to hold it shut while you heat up some oil for frying.

Step 5

Fry the wrap off, crimped side down first, till golden and crunchy on both sides; meanwhile mix together the remaining mayo with the chipotle paste and a little water to make the chipotle mayo

Step 6

Once the crunch wrap is crunchy, remove from the pan, chop in half and enjoy!
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