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Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Total time
40 min
$ $ $


Buffalo Chicken sliders are the best kind of comfort food! They are also great for parties and feed an army! Who doesn’t love Buffalo chicken!?


Serves 12


Step 1
Get a large pot of water boiling with the 2 tbsp of kosher salt; once boiling, add the chicken breasts and allow to bubble for 13 minutes
Step 2
While the chicken is cooking, cut your pack of Hawaiian rolls right in half
Step 3
When your chicken is done, drain and leave in a bowl to rest for a couple of minutes before cutting into bite-size chunks
Step 4
Once cut how you like them, add the Frank's hot sauce and give it a good mix, ensuring the chicken is covered exactly as required. Heat the oven to 375°F
Step 5
Place the sticks of butter in a microwave-safe container, and add the minced garlic and wholegrain mustard. Microwave for 1:15 minutes
Step 6
Once the butter is melted, add a dash of kosher salt and the dried parsley; once mixed in we can assemble the sliders
Step 7
On the bottom half of the rolls, spread half of the butter mixture evenly; next add the havarti cheese slices, followed by and even layer of chicken. Top this with the provolone, then finally the top layer of rolls and the remaining butter mixture. Use a spoon to ensure the tops are entirely covered
Step 8
Bake in the oven for 10 minutes, then tear apart and enjoy!
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