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Biang Biang Mian
Total time
35 min
$ $ $


Easy homemade noodles with a simple and delicious sauce, this is a dish to impress


Serves 2


Step 1
Mix the flour and 4g salt in a large bowl and pour in 200ml water. Knead into a smooth dough
Step 2
Cover and leave to rest overnight
Step 3
Knead again and roll out into a thick sausage shape. Slice into sections and roll each out into smaller sausages, place in a bowl and coat in neutral oil, then cover and leave to rest for an hour or so
Step 4
Roll out into thick ribbons, score the middle and hold each long and shake up and down, banging the bottom against your work surface until long and thin. Then pull apart by the scored centre, leaving one side in tact to make a long noodle. Repeat with the rest of the dough
Step 5
Boil in salted water until soft and hot, drain and place in a bowl
Step 6
Mince the garlic and slice the scallions on a slant. Add to the noodles along with chilli flakes, soy sauce, black vinegar and a pinch of salt. Heat peanut oil until sizzling hot and carefully pour over the noodles, stir well and serve into 2 even portions and enjoy!
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